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Утащил прекрасное с Кворы:

What would happen if an American aircraft carrier flew over Moscow? Could the Russians shoot it down?

U.S. aircraft carriers are not designed for flight, so, if one somehow managed to achieve vertical lift and fly over Moscow it would cause significant alarm both in Moscow and in Washington and, probably, among the crew of the carrier itself.
To your question as to Russian response capabilities - response would be the function of the ASDFB, the Russian Federation’s territorial air defense command. An aircraft carrier in the sky would present itself as a very large target and would probably, initially at least, be subject to heavy defensive fire from the 4th Missile Defence Brigade which is sited in Dolgoprudny, a suburb of Moscow. This would severely damage the ship.
As to whether it would “down” it, however, that would depend on the circumstances that had caused the aircraft carrier to become airborne in the first place. The most likely culprit, I would imagine, would be an extremely aberrant weather event in which case, no, the Russians would not be able to shoot it down as there is no known anti-aircraft weapons technology that can successfully engage and destroy wind.
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